“At every turn, success. Everywhere I look, beauty...” 

Welcome to the website of Elaine Stirling, writer.

Ask Elaine what drives her as an author and communication consultant, and she’ll give you two answers: optimism and possibility. Here we are, globally accessible to each other with the tap of a screen and with infinite information at our fingertips. Each of us has the capacity to move the world toward good or ill with a smile, a glance, or a single social media post. Given that kind of influence, what’s not to love?

It has long been a dream of Elaine’s to create a place that celebrates the joy of storytelling in all its permutations. In her 30-year career of writing fiction and nonfiction, she’s heard plenty from the cautious. Don’t tell business people you used to write romances. CEOs will never understand narrative hook, and why should they? Poetry doesn’t belong in novels. What in the hell is magical realism?

Elaine Stirling’s most recent book, Daughters of Babylon, has been described as, “like the DaVinci Code and Labyrinth, but better”. It is a novel of suspense, history, and the old hidden magicks. Think of Daughters of Babylon as fantasy without dragons, love without limits, bridging vast realities that may, ultimately, prove to be true.

Or perhaps you’ve come in search of a ripping good business book. Since 2009, The Corporate Storyteller: A Writing Manual & Style Guide for the Brave New Business Leader has traveled in the laptop cases of business people around the world. This slim, easy to read volume is filled with proven techniques to help you shed corporate constraints and rediscover the authentic, successful voice you were born with.

Scroll further, you’ll find Dead Edit Redo, a novella of horror and good medicine. The companion book, Dead to Rights, was edited by Elaine’s heteronym*, Alain C. Dexter. Set against backdrops of untimely death, the two books—one prose, one verse—resurrect an obscure form of medieval poetry known to be mind-altering, possibly addictive, dead scary, and dead fun. And finally, for people who never read poetry but who adore a good romp, check out her two e-books, The Mexican Saga and Percy & Me ‘neath the Yum Gum Tree. One of them is free, the other nearly so.

(* A heteronym is a pseudonym with a life, a concept made famous by the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. Professor Alain C. Dexter is the hero of Dead Edit Redo and, in the true spirit of magical realism, enjoys his own Twitter account.)